Bobbi Graves

Healing Guide

Bobbi Graves practices high frequency energy healing in Austin, Texas.  If you are searching for freedom and peace while living your daily life...the high frequency energy she channels will support your healing and will illuminate your path for living in your highest vibration.  


“Bobbi instantly tuned into my energy!  ....and helped to validate my “place” and “lesson” during a lot of transition in my life. ....I feel more confident now that she gave me (and reminded me of) which tools to use as I move forward. Thank you Bobbi!!” 

– Tami Whitehead


Beyond Reiki 

My foundation in energy healing was my ​Reiki Master Therapist training. The energies have shifted tremendously in the past decade and the work I am trained to do supercedes my foundation in Reiki.  Energy blockages are removed and your frequency rises allowing for your optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing! 

“I could feel the energy during our distance Reiki! It was very soothing and helped greatly with the fatigue I was feeling.”

– S. R.

“Bobbi Graves is the real deal.  I’ve had a brush with the work of angels in her hands. I highly recommend her assistance.”

– Kate Barnidge


Energy Dowsing
Dowsers use the mind to direct energy through intention. Dowsing clears energy, raises 
energy, and adjusts energy frequencies sometimes using a pendulum or other object to promote energy healing.


Neurolinguistic Programming harnesses the power of thought and choice. Our thinking influences our habits and behavior. Hypnosis is often used along with NLP to access the subconscious which allows for deep and lasting change. 


Energy Healing in Austin


Bobbi Graves Healing Guide

“Bobbi is great at what she does! I felt light as a feather as she helped to heal current and past energies  that affect me. I love the practice of Reiki and look forward to seeing Bobbi again.”

– Lauren Pfieffer

Channeled Light Healing
Channeled Light Healing™ uses a coherent state, intention, and high frequency energies to balance and optimize your frequency and vibration to the most appropriate level for your healing now.

Meditation and  Sound Healing

Meditation is the practice of focus. Sound Healing uses audio tones and vibrational frequencies to raise energy and frequency promoting physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing.

What Clients are saying about Bobbi-​

Hello!  I'm Bobbi Graves.  

I practice high frequency energy healing in Austin, Texas.  I am here to guide you through a deep and long lasting transformation into the highest expression of who you are and what you are here to do.  I will share my tools, techniques, and practices with you for high vibration living.  You will be empowered as you balance your mind, body, soul, and spirit.  You will find freedom, clarity, and purpose for every aspect of your life-at home, at work, and in your relationships!

I have been dabbling in the  world of self empowerment for my entire adult life in a search for more peace, calm, and happiness. I fully committed myself to my own healing journey.  Then, any life challenges that I experienced became a catalyst for change  that supported my desires!  I immersed myself in the healing arts.  My obsession with gaining clarity and purpose brought me to where I am today.  

My search for freedom and peace placed me directly in a circle of light and from that point on there has been only one way....up!  

I am so grateful for my learning and the healing journey that led me to explore my deepest transformations.  I continue to practice the secret art of happiness and flow through a lifestyle and daily practice that anchor my experience in freedom. I am here to share my experience, tools, techniques, and practices with you so that you can live your best life and experience more health, peace, flow, and happiness, too!

Professional Bio
 I currently serve as a Healing Guide for others and I support your desire to change and manifest your highest potential with deep gratitude. My mission is to facilitate personal transformation and the rediscovery of your infinite potential. I am a former artist and a retired high school teacher with an MFA living in Austin, Texas.

Channeled Light Healing™ Practitioner- Trained by Alyssa Malehorn
Channeled Light Meditation™ Guide 
Energy Dowser- Trained by Raymon Grace
Certified Hypnotist- Trained by Joseph and Melissa Clough
Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner

Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner
Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Coach

Foundation in Energy Healing as a Reiki Master Therapist

Lifetime Texas Provisional Certificate, Secondary Art Teacher
Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Ceramics, Texas Woman's University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Texas, Arlington