Hello!  I'm Bobbi Graves. I am here to support you as you heal, transform, and move into your next level of freedom, peace, and flow.

I am Super Mom to a teenager and a healing guide for personal transformation. When I am not doing my mom thing, you will find me buried in life's unfolding mysteries- working on my own vibe, self-care, self-empowerment, assisting others with same, and getting it done!    

My healing sessions create space for you to experience and explore your goals and purpose in life. We can address illness, trauma, stress, behavior patterns, or general wellness. Fear, doubt, and worry can be shifted into physical and emotional well being.  Happiness, personal empowerment, abundance, and freedom can all be yours.  Healing sessions can be done as remote healing or at my office in Austin, Texas. Most clients experience distinct revitalization, a deeper state of clarity, and peace after a session. 

Shift and transform. Let go of old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. Experience peace and find freedom. Take the next step to
manifest your highest potential and radiate your brilliant light into our world.  


“Bobbi is great at what she does! I felt light as a feather as she helped to heal current and past energies  that affect me. I love the practice of Reiki and look forward to seeing Bobbi again.”

– Lauren Pfieffer

Channeled Light Healing™
Channeled Light Healing™ uses a coherent state, intention, and the energetic arts to balance and optimize our energy system to allow for healing and a return to freedom.


Meditation is the practice of focus.  It is highly beneficial to spend at least a few moments each day sitting in stillness and allowing our experience to unfold. 

Beyond Reiki 

My foundation in healing work was my ​Reiki Master training. The energetic arts have grown significantly in the last few years and my work supersedes my foundation training as a Reiki Master. As we learn to manage our own energy, stagnation gives way to energetic flow and  allows for our optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual presence in this world! 


What Clients are saying about Bobbi-​

 Bobbi Graves 

Bobbi Graves Healing Guide

“I could feel the energy during our distance Reiki! It was very soothing and helped greatly with the fatigue I was feeling.”

– S. R.

“Bobbi instantly tuned into my energy!  ....and helped to validate my “place” and “lesson” during a lot of transition in my life. ....I feel more confident now that she gave me (and reminded me of) which tools to use as I move forward. Thank you Bobbi!!” 

– Tami Whitehead

“Bobbi Graves is the real deal.....I highly recommend her assistance.”

– K. B.

Bobbi Graves

Healing Guide

Bobbi Graves practices healing arts and life guidance in Austin, Texas.  If you are searching for freedom and peace while living your daily life...try an individual healing session. She will facilitate the discovery of your infinite potential through healing arts and mindful living. Her work offers individual sessions that support you as you illuminate your path to healing and freedom.    


Neurolinguistic Programming harnesses the power of thought and choice. Our thinking influences our habits and behavior. 


Mindfulness is the art of paying attention in the moment with kindness and curiousity to we can choose our behavior.