Channeled Light Healing™
Channeled Light Healing™ taught me to practice being in a coherent state while using intention to balance and optimize our energy system to allowing for healing and more flow. 


Meditation is the practice of focus.  It is highly beneficial to spend at least a few moments each day sitting in stillness to support our intentions. 

Bobbi Graves, Teacher and Guide

“Bobbi instantly tuned into my energy!  ....and helped to validate my “place” and “lesson” during a lot of transition in my life. ....I feel more confident now that she gave me (and reminded me of) which tools to use as I move forward. Thank you Bobbi!!” 

– Tami Whitehead

Beyond Reiki 

The catalyst for my Personal Consulting practice has been my career in Arts Education and my ​Reiki Master training. My foundation as a Reiki Master catapulted my passion for personal development as an educator in an entirely new yet familiar direction. When we practice living mindfully with intention and purpose, more energy flows through us creating the opportunity for more freedom, peace, and a profound sense of well being. 

What Clients are saying about Bobbi

“Bobbi is great at what she does! I felt light as a feather as she helped to heal current and past energies  that affect me. I love the practice of Reiki and look forward to seeing Bobbi again.”

– Lauren P.


“I could feel the energy during our distance Reiki! It was very soothing and helped greatly with the fatigue I was feeling.”

– S. R.

Bobbi Graves guides and supports others to live intentionally while staying grounded and centered in Austin, Texas. If you are searching for more freedom and peace while living your daily life...try a personal consultation.

You will have the opportunity to discover your infinite potential through living mindfully with intention. These sessions provide support and guidance as you illuminate your path to freedom and well being through clarity and conscious choice.     

“Bobbi Graves is the real deal.....I highly recommend her assistance.”

– K. B.

Hey there!  
   I'm Bobbi 
I am here to guide and support you to find more freedom and move into more peace while living with mindfulness and inten


Neurolinguistic Programming harnesses the power of thought and choice. We exist within the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. NLP works to create personal success learning to use both aspects of ourselves. 


Mindfulness is the art and practice of paying attention in the moment with kindness and curiosity to we can choose our behavior.