Bobbi Graves Energy Healing 

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
By hiring Bobbi Graves Energy Healing for healing session(s) you consent to Energy Healing, Energy Dowsing, Hypnosis, NLP Life Coaching, or Time Line Therapy  provided by Bobbi Graves Energy Healer in Austin, Texas, which may involve being in a state of trance, utilizing high frequency Energy Healing, Energy Dowsing, Hypnosis, NLP Life Coaching, or Time Line Therapy methods. You understand that you are fully in control of being in a state of trance, that you cannot be forced to believe or behave in any way that you do not wish, and that you can disengage from healing session(s) at any time. You understand that the services rendered by Bobbi Graves or anyone representing Bobbi Graves Energy Healing, hereby known as Bobbi Graves, are non-therapeutic healing session(s) that may include the use of hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. You also understand that Bobbi Graves does not represent her services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law, Bobbi Graves makes no health benefit claims for her services. 

When you participate in an energy session with Bobbi Graves Energy Healing, you acknowledge that you understand that Energy Healing Sessions may trigger old issues bringing them to your attention and to the Light. This process is a natural part of Energy Healing and Lightwork. 

Further, you agree that high frequency Energy Healing, Energy Dowsing, Hypnosis, NLP Life Coaching, or Time Line Therapy provides tools for self-improvement and is not a replacement for medical treatment or psychiatric care; thus should be considered as supplemental and complimentary to such conventional treatments. You understand that Bobbi Graves does not guarantee successful results and the effectiveness of treatment varies by individual. Any decisions you make having received any treatment by Bobbi Graves are you own and you remain wholly responsible for any decisions or actions that you take. 

Payments & Cancellations
By hiring Bobbi Graves Energy Healing, you agree to pay half of the service fee up front for services rendered by Bobbi Graves, prior to your appointment, unless discussed otherwise. You also understand that any appointment scheduled with me is reserved specifically for you. Therefore, you agree to pay half of the service fee of any session booked that you do not cancel by 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

By hiring Bobbi Graves Energy Healing, you also understand that healing services are a collaborative effort by both you and Bobbi Graves, and that suggestions for home practice may be given to you for your well being. You also understand that if you do not incorporate suggestions given for home practice which are given to enhance your results, Bobbi Graves reserves the right to refuse services to you, and you may be sent home and forfeit your session. If you forfeit your session by not completing suggestions for home practice, your fee for your session will not be refunded.

Confidentiality Agreement
Bobbi Graves, Energy Healing respects your privacy. All information disclosed to Bobbi Graves or anyone associated with Bobbi Graves Energy Heaing in regards to your client file will be kept fully confidential. 

The conversations that we have within our healing session(s) are confidential and will be protected as such. Information will be shared outside of our session(s) only with your written consent or in the event that a Court Judge demands it, however, the following are instances where I would be obligated by law to break our confidentiality agreement without your permission:

  1. If it is assessed during your participation in healing session(s) that abuse or neglect of children or elders is occurring.
  2. If in my presence you threaten to kill or harm another individual, and I am convinced that you will act on this threat, or that you may lose control of your actions.
  3. If at any time during the course of our session(s), I determine that you are a danger to yourself, I will inform you of that opinion and make every effort to keep you from endangering your life. In some cases this may include notifying the police or family members.