​Bobbi Graves Healing Guide in Austin TX

Bobbi Graves, Healing Guide

My Healing Sessions 

Each session is 50 minutes long. During our first session, we will work on defining goals. We are able to work on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic systems. Each subsequent session will have a focus on a specific goal for healing and transformation.

Healing sessions can produce immediate results. Sometimes it takes a while depending on the person’s readiness for deep transformation.  I work with people who are serious about their healing intentions and are ready for lasting change and improvement on all levels.  If you are ready to feel more free, happy and well... book a session and experience the results. 

Channeled Light Healing
Channeled Light Healing™ uses intention and heart brain coherence to positively affect your life experience.  

Meditation is the practice of focus. A few moments of stillness each day allow for clarity and focus throughout the day. Meditation is a wonderful way to set your intention for each day. 


Mindfulness is a way to pay attention in the moment with kindness and curiosity so that we can choose our behavior.