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Bobbi Graves, Reiki Master


Everything is energy.  Reiki is high frequency light energy.  This healing energy is passed down from teacher to student.  Reiki energy healing optimizes the energy centers and the energy field at a deep level.  Reiki and energy healing will transform issues on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  The physical body vibrates at different frequencies.  When we raise our frequency through energy healing we are matching the vibrations of love, well-being, and happiness.  When we flood our concerns with healing light we experience more awareness, more clarity, and a higher vibration which will allow highest healing on all levels.

Reiki energy clears energy blockages and stagnation and creates a more balanced and healthy flow within your energy system.  Illness, unhealthy behaviors or patterns, worry, fear, stress and emotions will improve or heal completely. 

Reiki energy healing can produce immediate results. Sometimes it takes a while depending on the person’s readiness for deep transformation. Reiki and energy healing cannot override free will.  Reiki will never do any harm.   I work with people who are serious about their healing intentions and are ready for lasting change and improvement on all levels.  If you are ready to feel more free, happy and well... come in for an introductory session and experience the results. 

Channeled Light Healing
Channeled Light Healing uses intention and thought to positively affect your life force energy.  The Divine Rays bring high frequency energy through as a color. Each ray brings balance and harmony to an aspect of your highest self- like love, creativity, harmony and joy.  Channeled Light Healing™ is another energy healing modality. 
Energy Dowsing
Dowsers use the mind to direct energy through intention. Dowsing clears energy, raises energy, and adjusts energy frequencies sometimes using a pendulum or other object to promote energy healing.
Hypnosis employs the unconscious mind and helps the client transform limiting beliefs and behavior.  This healing modality can be used to empower the client with choices that will create strategies for success in all areas of life. 


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