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Bobbi GravesReiki Master


Hypnotist, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™ certifications are accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the U.K. Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners, the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming, and the Time Line Therapy™ Association.

Hello!  I'm Bobbi Graves.  I am a Reiki Master and energy healer located in Austin, Texas.  I am here to help you heal and transform right into your next level of BEing!  

I am Super Mom to a teenager and a longtime high school art teacher morphing into a healing guide for personal transformation.  When I am not doing my bad ass mom thing, you will find me buried in life's unfolding mysteries- working on my own vibe, self-care, self-empowerment, assisting others with same, and getting it done!    

My healing sessions create space for you to experience and explore deep healing and undeniable change.  We can address physical illness, pain, physical or emotional trauma, stress, behavior patterns, or general energetic cleansing and clearing of the energy centers and energy field.  Your frequency can be balanced, optimized, and adjusted through Reiki and energy healing.  Lower level energy such as unworthiness, shame, fear, worry, and doubt can be cleared and shifted into higher frequency vibrations.  Physical and emotional well being, happiness, personal empowerment, abundance, and freedom can all be yours.  Healing sessions can be done as remote healing or at my home office in Austin, Texas.  Most clients experience distinct energy revitalization and a deeper state of clarity and peace after receiving energy work.  

Manage your energy and transform your life now!  Shift your energy back to pure love and light.  Release what is holding you back.  Gain clarity about what you really want.  TRANSFORM.  Experience peace and level up your healing!  Take the next step to manifest your highest potential and radiate your brilliant light into our world.  

Find out more at bobbigraves.com or https://www.facebook.com/BobbiGravesReikiMaster/

Official vendor and energy healing practitioner at 2018 SXSW Wellness Expo